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I just installed windows 7 on a new 120g SSD and I am looking to free up some space. In the process of deleting my hibernation file I came across a post of a guy who deleted his pagefile. When is it appropriate to do this? I currently have 16g of ddr3 also have a 1T HDD as a secondary drive.
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    The pagefile can be set on a per-drive basis. You can keep the pagefile off the SSD and allow it on the HDD. It is recommended to keep a small pagefile at all times for crashdumps and other information.
  2. I would configure the pagefile to be located on the 1TB drive. With 16GB of memory you computer most likely will not use it but just in case.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I just set the pagefile on the 1T HDD to 24k and removed the pagefile from the SSD.
  4. With 8 or > gigs of Ram, I always set the page File min and max to the same value, 1024 mb.
    This can be located on either the SSD (which I do), or set to the HDD. Unless you are pushed for space, the 1 Gig Page file on the SSD is Not much of a problem - It's that windows will set it to about 12 Gigs. So setting Min/mak both to 1024 mb will STILL save 11 gigs of space.

    And Yes, You can set to zero, But there are a few programs that will bulk if page file = 0 even if not needed.
  5. Been running without a pagefile for about two months now with no issue. Surfing with Chrome and IE, playing Skyrim and BF3, and opening .pdfs.

  6. I have a 120ssd. I disabled hybernation and locked virtual memory at 0. The computer worked well enough but a software that my office uses did not work right. So I set the pagefile to 1gb and everything has been great. This makes my total windows install about 10gb.
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