Western Digital HDD - Temperature Sensor?


I have a few IBM 60GB HDDs, and the temerature of the drives are able to be monitored in MBM5.

I also have 2 120GB WD JB drives that MBM5 does not detect as having a sensor. Does anyone know if these drives have the temperature monitoring feature?
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  1. They probably don't if its not detected by mbm5...i would imagine that most drives do not have a temp sensor...
  2. I think the majority of hard drives have a built in temperature sensor from which they periodically callibrate themselves. My old 30GB IBM GXP75 has one which I'm able to access using the IBM diagnostic boot floppy.

    I didn't know that MBM5 was able to read drive temps but thats a really interesting point. I have a couple of Raptors and a Maxtor Plus 9 that I'll check out.

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  3. Yeah, the newer versions of MBM5 seem to be able to monitor drives that are supported.

    After reading on the MBM5 forum, apparently the WD drives do not contain a temp sensor.
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