Looking for the best gaming 15.4 inch laptop by Mid-August..

I've been having trouble finding the best gaming laptop that is 15.4 inches because most of the mag/website comparisons seem to be with the 17 inch+ laptops and I'm going to be lugging it around to classes so I don't want a big 17 inch or something that weighs too much + short battery life.

I'm looking for something that is under $2,300 or so. I don't like Alienware mainly because I dislike the design strongly, so nothing that looks similiar to it... Also a company with a strong rep/quality, like not having to worry about getting a dead pixel and not being able to return/exchange..

I was wondering if getting a 15.4 inch laptop right now is viable for playing any games like Obivlion or Doom or any future game in the next couple years, and being able to play it smoothly with high resolution + medium details with no lag spikes and such or is that just not possible with the current hardware?

Which would be better in the long run for gaming? AMD Turion 64 bit or the Intel Dual Core? I know that intel is supposed to come out with their 64bit and AMD with their X2 but I need a laptop by mid August so I was wondering if I should wait it out or will the new hardware come out too late?

This is a dumb question but I plan on just bringing my 19 inch monitor to my dorm and was wondering if most laptops today would allow me to easily hook it up?

Thanks for the help.......
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  1. The HP AMD 64 X 2 is now avaliable at Best Buy. On sale this week for $999.99 1 Gig or ram and a 100 Gig Hard drive.
  2. I'm on the exact same page as you tk005x, I'm also looking for the same thing, and wondering about the 'AMD Turion 64 bit or the Intel Dual Core?' dilemna.
  3. That HP has a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 graphics with 128MB shared graphics memory. Not exactly a gaming machine.

    I think you are looking for a 7900 class machine. The games you listed are tough on GPU's... especially if you are talking about 3 years of gaming use.

  4. Yeah I would really like a 17 inch with the 7900GTX but I think its gonna be too much of an incovnience, annoyance to carry that around especially since the college campus is huge...

    I suppose that I will just have to save up for a desktop....

    How is the Acer Ferrari in terms of playing today's games?

    And can anyone answer the last 2 parts to my question?

  5. An X1600 class GPU is a good GPU, I can also build you something with a 7600 with 512 MB for a GPU. It would get me off my butt and get me to add another machine to the lineup.

    Well the Turion and the Turion X2 use a completely different RAM and CPU socket so at this point I would say the Core Duo as the Turion is not at all upgradable in the future.

    You should be able to hook up your monitor to any notebook you buy nowadays.
  6. Most of HP's Laptops come with the X200M intergrated vid card.
  7. Quote:
    An X1600 class GPU is a good GPU, I can also build you something with a 7600 with 512 MB for a GPU. It would get me off my butt and get me to add another machine to the lineup.

    When do you think it will be available and is the 7600 much faster then the x1600? By looking at your website, would it be the same size/design as the Wakizachi?
  8. Almost identical in size and specs. The 7600 with 512 MB is obviously going to have more memory and perform better on the games that prefer nVidia. Otherwise it is probably a horesapiece, the memory may give it an edge. I had a lot of request from the Linux crowd because I guess it likes nVidia better than ATI.

    I can build the thing right now. I just have to get the web site updated. I will probably kick the freeloading NanoBot out and install this model in as a puppet regime instead.

    It would cost slightly more now that I throw the DVD BUrner in with the Wakizachi.
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