Anyone heard of them? Phoned to say they had detected Malware on my PC.... Directed to website and asked to click on link Get Help Now which would have initiated the following***
(exe removed in case someone clicks it by mistake...)
Can't see anything untoward on Google, might be just another version of cold calling to sell their software. On the other hand, might download some REAL malware which they no doubt will volunteer to fix, at a cost...
Any thoughts??
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  1. site scanned clean but i would not use that it has to be a scam.
    if youre ever not sure about a website this is a good tool to check sites for malware before going there.
    if you think you have a virus download malware bytes
  2. No indication of any virus, AVG up to date etc. Has to be a scam I guess...
    Had expected a variation on the theme where they get you to view the Event Log and tell you your PC is dying on its feet and needs 'Special Attention'...
  3. SCAM!
  4. It looks like it is directing you to install Team Viewer; a program that will let others directly view/control your computer.


    I have never heard of Microsoft phoning a Windows user and directing them to download anything.
    These sorts of things are automatically handled through Microsoft's secure Windows Update server.
    Disregard any further calls from anyone telling you to install software, they are most defiantly scammers!
  5. Definitely a scam. Team viewer if installed allows remote access to your computer. If possible, if you have a router - manually set the router to block anything from that IPaddress or domain name.

    It sounds like they are trying to grab info off your computer.
  6. Hey, what your phone#, I got a bridge to sell.
  7. = SCAM
  8. rgd1101 said:
    Hey, what your phone#, I got a bridge to sell.

    Made from Ivy??
  9. < = May i please take control of your computer!
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said: < = May i please take control of your computer!

    Suspected as much. Neighbour got a similar call and ended up downloading a neat piece of software which shut her PC down after 5 minutes. They wanted £150 to 'cure' the fault...
    At least if a few read this the word might spread to the unwary...
  11. huh. so it's a ransomware/scareware. they trick people into downloading the malware then hold the data hostage for money.
  12. Heh heh. if you google it the Tom's discussion appears at No.5, perhaps they'll defend themselves...
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