Thermaltake Xaser III.. fan explanation please..??

I just got the Thermaltake Xaser III case and I was curious, what do all the fans do for the air. Such as... the front fans bring air in or out, the side fans bring air in or out, the top fans bring air in or out, the back fans bring air in or out?

The reason I want to know is because with my Slk-900u and the Tornado fan on it, that should be blowing quite a bit of air OUT of the heatsink and towards the Clear window of my case, so I want to make sure that my Side case fans are blowing air OUT of the case. I don't want the Tornado and the Side stock Xaser fans competting against each other.. so somebody please clear up for me what all these fans do?

Second, on the Thermaltake Website, they say that you need to install the heat probe UNDER the heatsink and CPU... now somebody tell me.. how the hell is this possible? How could you possibly get a probe UNDER your CPU chip? And ontop of that, you can't possibly put a probe between the heatsink and the CPU right?
So what does Thermaltake want me to do with this probe on my p4 2.8c using the slk-900u heatsink?


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  1. Lots there.

    First. Front fans intake. Side fans intake. Rear fans exhaust. Top fans exhaust.

    Second. Your sink should blow (air in top, shooting onto the sink, not the other way around). This will give you much lower temps than if you were to suck. Then cool air from the side fans will go directly to the sink, and the hot air will be drawn out the back and top of the case.

    Third. What Thermaltake is saying is that, before you put your CPU onto the socket on your motherboard, put the probe underneath it, ie: feed the wires through the pins on the back of the CPU and the probe itself will sit right in the middle. Use a little AS3 and some tape to keep it right up against the chip and to better record temps (don't get the paste on any of the pins tho).

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  2. i am about to buy the Xaser 3 case from Thermaltake, however, i am unsure what power supply to purchase. my knowledge in this area is poor, and the cases look brill compared to the 'TIME' beige effort i currently use.
    i am currently resident in the UK, so any advice would be brill :-)
    My basic specs are as follows:

    MSI KT 400 full mobo
    AMD Athlon 2600+
    Radeon 9500 Graphics card (AGP)
    120 Seagate HDD
    LG CD/RW
    Front Panel Memory card reader
    3.5" Floppy drive
    PCI usb/firewire expansion card
    1024 DDR Memory @333Mhz/PC2700

    I will shortly be upgrading to DVD writer and wonder which power supply will future proof the new case?

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  3. At least a 350w Enermax. Antec is also good, as is Sparkle. Read the THG review on power supplies for others. I'd still lean towards Enermax because of the quality of their construction.

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  4. I agree, Enermax or Antec (TruePower series only) are great power supplies. I'd also like to beat Crashman to the punch here and suggest a <A HREF="" target="_new">Fortron 350W</A>...only $32 USD at newegg.
  5. cheers folks.
    heres a bye bye to beige then!!!!!!

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  6. Antec would be good for long cables in that big case
  7. thanx jp, however i have been told that the top firewire connection fries the mobo due to incorrect wiring!!! can u believe it!!!!

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  8. here you go

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  9. I read the site on the Xaser frying case,and I was thinking that on tomshardware it still has a nice review, and no mention on this serious problem.
    so it's either it's false, or somebody of the great staff should go and update that article.
    it's not really meant as a criticism,cause tomshardware rocks, just a suggestion for you I bet already busy technicians
  10. But did THG tested the firewire connectors?

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
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