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Ok the problem is that I installed the Windows 7 Build 7100 and obviously today I am forced to install a new OS or it will turn off every 2 hours (or so I heard) so I tried to install my Windows 7 64bit onto the laptop which has the Windows 7 beta on it at the moment. The problem is when I start it and try to install it whilst on the OS and it gets an error message and basically it means it is impossible to upgrade from Windows 7 beta to Windows 7 full while on the OS. So I try to change the boot order so I can try to boot from DVD but it isn't in the boot list. No matter what I try I can't change the boot order because it is locked because this laptop by Compaq I'm assuming they don't want people to mess with it.

Is there any way around this?
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    I can't tell if you went into the BIOS menu to change the boot order? If so, then that is strange it doesn't give you that option. How about from a USB stick? Can you boot from that? Is that an option? How old is the laptop? Most these days should allow booting from DVD or USB.

    If you can boot from USB, then set up your installation to boot from USB.

    This article tells you how ->
  2. Sorry fixed it now. The BIOS did have a CD boot option it was just a bit hidden away, thanks anyways, was guna do that if this failed.
  3. Glad to see you found it. Some BIOS menus can be downright cryptic when trying to find what you want! ;)
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