Is the 'SB Live 5.1 to a Audigy' trick legit?

I was reading the reviews for the SB Live 5.1 on and one of the customers mentioned a trick that allows you to get Audigy 1 sound capabilities. Here's the link:

The list of reviews is long, so here's the guys name tr1kstanc3. You can do a 'find' for it.

I've been searching on the net for a little over an hour and have only found one mention of it, but it's in Asian and the link the site sends you to is dead.
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  1. I would highly doubt this. Its an entirely different procesor than the emu101k found in the live series.
    Practically impossible to emulate without massive cpu usage.

    Athlon 1700+, Epox 8RDA (NForce2), Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 80GB 8MB cache, 2x256mb Crucial PC2100 in Dual DDR, Geforce 3, Audigy, Z560s, MX500
  2. :( Ok thanks. Damn that sucks. Got my hopes all up for nothing.
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