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What sequencer to choose?

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June 8, 2005 4:10:35 PM

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I've been reading up on Cubase, Pro Tools, Live, Digital Performer and
others... And I have no idea which one I should go for. Now that I'm
about to chose an audio interface, it becomes even more important. I'm
torn between Digidesign's MBox and one of M-Audio's firewire offerings;
choosing the first one would obviously mean locking into Pro Tools. But
I get a sense that Pro Tools is a) kind of behind the pack; and b) VSTs
are all but unusable with Pro Tools. Ableton Live and Cubase (SL,
perhaps) look very interesting, but I can't find a decent comparison to
tell me what I'd be missing and gaining with each.

So, can anyone throw in an advice? Or, perhaps, and URL with a good
comparison for the major sequencers.

BTW, I'm going to be recording on a Powerbook, and will be using Reason
and Reaktor to boot.


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June 9, 2005 8:55:36 AM

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Could really depend on what kind of music you are dealing with.
Protools is really good for dealing with audio but it does not have
some of the more advanced midi capabilities thet Logic has.
By the way ProTools is now available as PtoTools M-powered which means
it will work with some M-Audio gear as well.
Abelton is ideal for DJing live sets.
Cubase is for semi pro's :o )
Seriously though if I was learning a new DAW program from scratch I
would go for LOGIC 7, the plug-ins are great and it comes with loads of
samplers and stuff.
Logic also runs vst's etc...