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Hello, yesterday, both my desktop and laptop are experiencing automatic shutdowns at about the same time (10 minutes difference). This was a safe shutdown so it was "expected" by the computer but not by me. On both computers, I have installed BitMeter 2 and TCPView to monitor my network usage. I have uninstalled them on my desktop and currently monitoring my laptop but I want to see if anyone knows that BitMeter 2 or TCPView causes automatic shutdown during idle. Both of my computers were idle when the automatic shutdown took place
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  1. Was yesterday "Patch Tuesday"?

    Maybe Windows did it after updating?
  2. No, I did not receive a notice about any new windows updates. Infact, I set my update to download but ask me when to install.

    IT also happened 2 times in the day, once at night and once at day, both while I was not at my computers
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