which to keep

I have 2 burners . both have been reliable
My brother needs 1 , so I'm giving him 1
Yamaha 3200 - 24x10x40 , 8mb cache
LiteOn - 52x24x52 , 2mb cache
the yamaha - seconds slower but quiet
the LiteOn -is quick & kinda noisey
which would you give away ??? there both great drives
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  1. I'm going to be buried with my Lite-On. Give him the Yamaha!
  2. I second that. Keep the Lite-On definitely!
  3. keep faster and newer one
  4. Keep the LiteOn, unless you want to use AudioMaster

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  5. thanks , exactly what I want to hear . I'll keep LiteOn
    the yamaha will be fine for my brother , considering its free for him.
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