Thinking of lenovo notebook, need suggestions fast !!!!

Well I've made a little search on notebooks. Thinking to buy one these days.

I wanted 15.4" WSXGA monitor with Core Duo processor.

While looking at newegg found the lenovo below:

Well the only con seems 512mb memory.

Is there any lower price on a similar setup. I've heard good things about Ibm notebooks and want to go for lenovo, but want to see my options before i buy.

And if I can find the same laptop with T2500(2ghz) around 1250$ ill go for it.

So do you know other stores having good prices on them.

Time is very short so I need fast replies. Thanks
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  1. no suggestions?
  2. Doesn't anybody know anything about Lenovo notebooks? Are they as though as the previous ibm laptops?

    Nobody knows anything ???????

  3. thanks for all the replies, they were really overwhelming :x
  4. IBM sold their notebook business to Lenovo.

    It is going to be a business class machine and middle of the road. Why not check out htis post: low priced lap dog, where I gave a link to a $800 machine that is going to be the same as the Lenovo.
  5. sir plz state ur desired use or else none of us can really give u an opinion


    Gamer on the Go
    this laptop is not suited for these kind of ppl not even close

    Bit pricey for these simple fuctions might as well get 1 w/ a crappy gpu and save some $$$

    Entertainment on the Go
    almost perfect for this purpose
    dont expect to play any of games made in the last 2- 2 1/2 years at medium or even low settings

    Heres what i can see so far

    Pros and Cons

    Beautiful! just stunning, very good for its price very decent goods in there and nice features and interface has that look that makes ppl go WOW good in the short run

    short life of use... looking at it.. its gonna need upgrades if u wanna make it last for another year and the sound of the notebook isnt too great, looks like its not worth the long run
  6. looked at the ACER. Well, the machine is really nice except screen quality. For me WSXGA+ is a "must" so unfortunately for this reason it is eliminated.

    Hmm for the gaming part, well I don't expect any gaming from the machine but I think nvidia 7300 will be a better all around choice then onboard intel graphics shipset. Also I can say that I am not satisfied with my aging X850 XT so spending 2K bucks with a system with X1600XT will be nowhere satisfying in terms of gaming. Finally I never think of giving 3k+ bucks for those laptops with 7900gtx or similar gpus. For gaming I use my desktop...

    This laptop will mainly be used for office applications, surfing etc. So even T2400 core duo is a good cpu. Being light is a big plus. Well also long run times on the battery is also a big plus. Finally thoughness and trouble free operation is a must.

    Lenovo seems like a good choice for these criteria, if you have other suggestions with an WSGA screen I want ot hear it.
  7. Did you check Tiger Direct? They had a lot of laptops on sale last week.
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