Favorites update feature broken

When I click Update Favorites IE doesn't respond. I use Task Manager to terminate the program. It works in other user accounts.

There is a down arrow next to the Update button. When I click on the down arrow a pop-up window appears. There are 4 items in the Window. The second is update Current tab only it is grayed out. If I could select this option, probably I could update my Favorites list. Can someone help me trace what file is either missing or corrupt.

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  1. Have you tried to boot up in safe mode to see? Maybe safe mode might help.
  2. Since Favorites worked properly in other users accounts I decided the problem was being caused by file corruption and deleted the user where Favorites didn't work. Before I did this I tried to use a utility to bring configuration settings and data to a new user account. The utility did not work.

    I now have one user setup in the VM. I ran PCTools Registry Mechanic. It reported 28 errors. I also ran a free download aand it reported 328 errors. I haven't made any changes to the Regisry. I'm still chewing on it.

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