A cd/dvd will not fit my cd rom

Hello, I have a Windows 8 Pavilion g6 and the CD rom will not allow me to put a CD in, I just don't get why any CD/DVD I try to put in does not fit the player.
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  1. you mean it physically doesn't fit?
  2. When you hit the eject button on the DVD drive what does it look like when it opens?
  3. lol. If i had to bet. I'd imagine you are trying to insert the cd into a slot? Ironically enough I had an individual attempt this at work too. A cd/dvd rom opens and there is a tray you put the disk into. It doesn't "suck" it in like a dvd/cd player in your car. that spacing is just part of the case design.

    I could be way off but sounds like thats what is happening :).
  4. Just to confirm you are putting in a cd and not a record :sol:

    Seriously though, this is the oddest question i've ever seen here. But lets see what we can do to help.

    With this type of cd-rom you need to use a LITTLE force on the clear plastic inner section of the cd to make it grip the spindle. Then the cd will sit flush with the bottom of the drive and you should be able to close the cd drive.

    Of course this is me guessing that you are just resting the cd on the open drive. A little more of a description would be helpful.
  5. Just put the CD in the middle and push until it snaps on...you may want to hold on the bottom with the other hand.
  6. On the HP Pavilion notebooks, if there is one the DVD/CD drive is on the right side. If t's a tray model pushing the button to open it does not always open the tray all the way on some so to fit the disk you have to angle the CD/DVD to slip it onto the tray.
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