Anyone Put A Heat Spreader On Golden Dragon?

The subject title should make this simple question pretty clear enough, but has anyone tried to put an aluminum or copper heat spreader on <A HREF="" target="_new">GeIL Golden Dragon</A> RAM yet?

Unless the pictures are misleading, it looks as though this RAM has a plastic cover over the memory chips. I would imagine that if so it would severely kill cooling to keep those poor chips in a little plastic bubble where fresh air can never reach them. :( Poor little things.

The memory technology itself sounds pretty cool though.
Each chip is directly mounted to the
module PCB in its original wafer format and die size without any type of conventional packaging. Thus, there are no soldering legs as with the conventional method.

That part sounds good.

It's just the cooling that looks horrible.

So I would imagine that if you could get rid of that plastic crap and put a nice copper heat spreader on those puppies then you'd get one heck of a nice OCable stick of RAM, no?

Anyone do this yet? And if so, what kind of results are you getting?

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  1. i would immagine that they have that on there for a reason...not sure what it is though...According to geil the modules do not need a heat spreader.
    <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A> It seems (according to this thread) that the golden dragons are pretty good for o/cing out of the box.
  2. I got that ram IN PC3200, no heat spreader running at timming 2-3-3-6 with 2.75V at 40C. Never went over 40 degree so I dont see any reason to put heat spreader.The modules have been engineered to work without spreaders...
  3. And also you cant remove that plastic stuff, the Memory modules are virtually part of it. Im happy with the performance, had trouble getting some corsair in my city, kingston was b/o, so i went for the golden dragon really nice looking with a little red led to tell you if they work fine.

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  4. i personaly believe that there will be no change

    I dont like french test
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