Error Report on start-up won't go away!?!?!?

When installing the drivers for my HP Photo100 printer, I had the USB cable plugged in during install which I wasn't supposed to do. So, during the installation, my PC rebooted itself for some reason. When it restarted, I got the normal error report that said something about Windows XP shut down improperly or something and asked if I wanted to send an error report. I hit cancel. I then started the printer install over correctly this time and the printer works fine now.

BUT, EVERY time I reboot, I get this same dang error report that comes up! Why does it pop-up every time I reboot? Is there something stuck that I need to take care of? Should I un-install my printer and reinstall? What is causing this error to come up over and over? Is this a known problem with XP and the auto reporting feature?
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  1. Search the microsoft knowledge base, your answer is in there... I remember seeing an article with a hotfix for your problem.

    Good Luck.
  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">Is this the problem you're having?</A>
  3. YES! I believe this is it! I search MS, and I didn't find that link. Thanks bud.

    Here's a more detailed link:;EN-US;Q317277&
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