Blue screen is going to drive me crazy

first i have a win 7 64bit.
i got a blue screen error that wont go away.
about 30 sec after my desktop loads the screen goes crazy and the blue screen pops up.
i have tried a system repair with both a boot disc and the original install disc and both failed saying could not repair the system.
i tried do last known good config and still wont work.
i did a restore going back a few days to 2 months back and nothing.
the error code is 0X50 code.
stop: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFD0, 0x0000000000000001, 0xFFFFF80003BC46CD, 0x0000000000000000)i have a pic i took with my phone if anyone needs it and it would help.
it loads fine in all 3 safe mode options.
i do know that the code error on MS KB says that could be a ram error, video driver error or a antivirus program conflict issue.
about 3 weeks ago i did install ad-aware antivirus, the problem is i cannot uninstall the program in safe mode. does anyone know how i can uninstall it?
the drive install says it wont load in safe mode either. there isnt enought time to do a driver update for the video driver when the desktop loads in normal mode.
can anyone please help?
i dont think its my ram since it doesnt crash in safe mode.
im so lost and have tried everything i know.
i dont want to do a reistall of windows if i dont have to.
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  1. go into msconfig...use the start up tab and turn everything off. in safe mode uninstall the video driver. power down and remove one stick of ram. if the system bsod again when windows load swap stick of ram. if it does it again try swapping the video card out.
  2. I dont have a second video card to try but i did the turn all off and it still happened. I bought new ram and still happened.. i was able to uninstall the driversto the videos and do a regedit removal of the virus program and it seams to be working. Thanks.
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