Amd display drivers have stopped working Radeon HD 6850

The title pretty much says it all. This happened 3 or 4 times on me while using internet explorer (I know that thats a bad browser) and watching youtube videos. I switched to google chrome and have had no problems until I was watching a youtube video and it happened again. Thanks for all of the help in advance, if you need computer specs please ask!
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    Uninstall and download the latest drivers from AMD.
  2. HOw do i uninstall the drivers?
  3. Another question, after I uninstall this, will my computer work? Can i boot into windows and go onto AMD's site and download the drivers?
  4. Windows should install the default driver on reboot so that you can download the new one.
  5. I just uninstalled and reinstalled and ill get back to this thread in some time to see if it did work!
  6. Ok keep us posted.
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  8. Thanks mate! After 6 days and maybe 10 hours of youtube watched (movies and full comedy things) it has not shown this error! Thanks again
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