My desktop and my taskbar cover with a white blank screen

Now, after loggin or turn on my pc after 2mns my desktop and my taskbar cover with a plain white screen. I realize when i right click on it gives me all the option of webpage not my desktop but i can't see anything at all. To have access to my pc I have to press windows button from my keyboard where i can have the start icon and the folder explorer of windows7. Any help please?
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  1. try updating your graphics drivers...
    run the PC in safe mode. if it still occurs its probably a hardware issue. if it goes away, there is a driver/software conflict
  2. Yes I agree with arges', i would reinstall the graphics drivers. i had gotten a dim screen on my brand new acer aspire...could not brighten it up manually so i reinstalled the vid drivers...presto.
  3. It reminds me of Active Desktop that was in Windows XP. Haven't checked if Active Desktop is in Windows 7 so I could be wrong. From the Start menu, if you can get to the desktop background settings, check in there for something odd. Just an idea.
  4. Vista and Win7 have 'replaced' Active Desktop w/ Windows Sidebar
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