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I'm currently saving money to buy a new computer, and i'm looking for advise. I'm gonna build it myself, and was wondering what you think of this system:

DFI Lanparty i875P 4DDR-DIMM 5PCI GB-LAN SATA RAID Audio Socket478 ATX
Intel Pentium 4 Northwood 2.8GHz -C Hyperthreading 512Kb 800MHz bulk/tray Socket 478
ASUS V9900/TD/128M GeForce FX 5800 128Mb DDR2 DVI TV-out Retail AGP
IBM/Hitachi Deskstar 180GXP 120Gb 7200rpm 2Mb UDMA100 IDE
Standard 1.44Mb 3.5" floppy white
Logitech MX300 Optical PS/2&USB Retail
Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard Special Edition black, svenskt
Creative SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Digital bulk PCI
Samsung 957P 19" SAM957P
Sweex Xenon XG Miditower 300W ATX (AMD&P4 OK)

It's suppost to be a pure gaming system, and dunno what this is in dollar but i would guess around 1300$. Oppinions plz. Replace something? The computer should cost around 1300$.
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  1. I'd go with a Radeon card for video instead of the GeForce at this point in time. I'd also swap out the HDD for a Maxtor or Western Digital. Make sure you get a hard drive with an 8MB cache. Also very important, be sure to get a quality power supply from a reputable manufacturer. Antec, Enermax, Fortron, to name a few.

    I dont think you mentioned what you were going to use for system memory. Kingston has a good quality 'value' line of RAM if you're wanting to save some pennies.
  2. Get the Radeon 9700 Pro or 9800 (Pro) instead of the horrible loud and hot FX5800 (not to mention it performs badly).

    Also I'm not so fond on IBM Deathstar (instead of Desktar because previous versions had a high failure rate) drives... personally I prefer the 8MB cache Western Digital drives (they come with 3 years warrenty too!) or Maxtor drives.

    Also get a higher rated - and preferably a quality branded (like Fortron, Enermax, Antec) as low quality PSUs can cause a lot of instability problems - PSU as your computer is going to need atleast 350W.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  3. First of all, thanks for the answers.

    But, dunno why, but i'm getting mighty confused ;>.

    Could some nice soul out there put togheter a good gamingsystem, with intel and radeon. Price about 1300$.
    I'm mainly playing CS, but i wan't a powerfull system. You see, i'm eagerly waiting for Half Life 2.

    Ohh, and that is 1300$ including screen. Is that possible? :D
  4. Instead of your videocard and HD:
    ATi Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB videocard
    Western Digital 1200JB 8MB cache 7200rpm HD (120GB)

    I love my Delta 60HP 7000 RPM fan that puts out more dB then CFM :eek:
  5. Priced out ready for gaming glory intel system (@ or around 1300 dollars shipped I assume):

    Thermaltake Xaser III V1420+U Chassis, 12-Bay, ( BLACK ), ATX Super Tower. Aluminum Front Panel and 1.0mm SECC Japan Steel Body. 7 fans and Lock + (W0009)420W Power supply. <b>153.00</b>

    MSI DragonWriter CDRW 52X24X52 Model MS-8352A BLACK OEM <b>38.00</b>

    MSI DVDROM 16X DVD, 48X CDROM Model MS-8216140BL Black OEM <b>31.00</b>

    CPU FAN|HHC-001 PURE COPPER (AMD/INTEL) <b>26.00</b>

    MITSUMI D359M3 BLACK FDD 1.44MB 3.5INCH - OEM <b>8.00</b>

    MAXTOR 80GB 7200RPM SATA HARD DRIVE MODEL # 6Y080MO - OEM <b>119.00</b>

    ORtek MCK-9000 (BLACK) Wireless OfficeMedia Pro Keyboard + Optical Mouse. 27 Mhz RF techniology. 45 Multimedia hot keys <b>45.00</b>

    2xGEIL 256MB PC-3200 (400MHz) DDR RAM, 6 Layer Ultra Low Noise Shielded PCB, 32x8 Low Density/Unbuffered, Model# GE2563200 <b>84.00</b>

    Viewsonic E70B 17" - Retail <b>115.00</b>

    ABIT IS7,Intel 865PE chipset for Socket 478 P4 ATX motherboard RETAIL <b>109.00</b>

    Intel Pentium 4 / 2.8GHz 512k socket 478 Hyper Threading Technology 800 MHz FSB - OEM <b>265.00</b>

    ATI OEM SAPPHIRE RADEON 9800 128MB Non Pro DVI/TV 8X AGP BULK <b>279.00</b>

    SubTotal: 1259.00
    Shipping: ~ 40.00
    Total: 1299.00

    Just a computer junky
  6. Where did you find that system? I live in Sweden so i dunno if they can ship that to me :/
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