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I am upgrading my computer and want to upgrade my OS at the same time. When I was on I saw Windows XP Home Edtion OEM Full version and Retail Full version. There is $100 difference between the two. What is the difference? Is one better for an inexperienced person like myself?


Chris G.
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  1. OEM - CD and CD key only
    Retail - Fancy package, plus OEM stuff

    Make sure you really want Windows XP, because WPA can be a bummer if you switch hardware and stuff frequently.

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  2. I also would like to know the difference between OEM and Retail packages. Can anyone give some insight to this?
  3. OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturers", and MS limits the OEM versions of their titles to only be sold with a new PC (or enough of what resembles one). In general, the maker of the product will not provide you with tech support - you will have to go to your computer manufacturer for that.
    Retail versions, on the other hand, are meant for someone just going in to buy the product - so you will get a fancy box with all the manuals and packaging.

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  4. Hmm I was worried about this WPA thing. So what if I format my drive, install a new one and put WinXP? What will I do to activate or are there any risks or problems from there?

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  5. There's a <b>chance</b> you'll have to activate, which means a long arduous process of explaining to a rep. why you need to reactivate. There are workarounds to this, and maybe you can find some at <A HREF="" target="_new">Fred Langa's newsletter website</A>.

    I wish I had better advice for you, but Microsoft has screwed people again. At least the operating system itself is pleasant to work with... :smile:

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