KN - Core 2 Duo laptops anytime soon?

First, thanks for answering all my questions previouly in this forum. So I've looked at the new AMD dual cores and read all the reviews of Intel's new Core 2 Duo and as much as it PAINS the hell out of me, looks like Core 2 Duo is the right choice.

I'm looking for the mid-range chip, the T7200. Gig ram, X1600, all that good stuff? Do you have a time frame on when you might be offering Core 2 Duo laptops, and around what price it would be with that chip?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Or, if Core 2 Duo won't be available for a while, will the price of current Core Duo laptops drop, and with the motherboard be compatible for upgrade to Core 2 Duo later on?
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    you will miss their release..... =)
  2. lol...i know they are "coming out" today, but ive read in a lot of places that you wont start seeing the laptops with them available for another month or so, trying to get a time frame before i buy :)
  3. I gotta say, I want to know as well cause I'm buying a Merom based laptop ASAP and KN is up there at the top of my list.
  4. I, too, am very interested in a merom-based notebook from Killernotebooks. I suppose, like the song says, the waiting *is* the hardest part.
  5. The Executioner is ready to ship with them!

    What are you waiting for!
  6. I see the T7400 (2.16 Ghz) is available from the drop-down menu. Will the T7600 (2.33 Ghz) version be available soon?
  7. As far as I know the T7400 is not released in the USA, right now I can get them, it is the only type I can get at this time, and I don't know if the Executioner would recognize the CPU even if I could get them.

    I think the system will have a BIOS upgrade in the future for that and even higher frequencies.
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