Installing xp fresh onto SATA

This is driving me crazy.. I am trying to install XP pro onto a Maxtor SATA drive.. checking the Silicon website says insert Driver diskette at hardware installation screen (after the first reboot hit F6 for raid or scsi) I do that and it reads the diskette and then returns the error "file txtsetup.oem has caused an unexpected error (1024) in line 1742 ....." etc in a file that does not exist.

I have tried creating a disk with the drivers that were on the Asus cd rom (it's an Asus A7N8X Delux 2) and the drivers from Silicon's website. Both give the same error.

I have updated the BIOS to version 1005....

Next option is to let the dog lose on it!!

Any ideas?
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  1. Check and make sure all the required files are in the correct directories (paths) in your floppy diskette. If you created the diskette by putting all files in root or other wrong directories, the installation would give you that error message.
  2. I have the same your configuration and I installed xp without any problem.
    First of all I disconnected the IDE hdd from the controller to avoid XP install some system files on the IDE hdd.
    Then I used the DOS command fdisk to create a fat32 partition and to activate it. Then I formatted this partition of the SATA RAID 0 array using FAT32.
    I booted the computer using the DOS floppy.
    At this point the system sees the first "active" partition as C:\ and I also executed the DOS command "smartdrv" in order to accelerate the installation.
    Then I executed the file on the WINXP CD-ROM ...\I386\WINNT. This command launches the XP installation.
    Then the system asks for F6 button to push to load the driver for the RAID controller.
    Then you have to insert the floppy containing all files "unzipped" you downloaded from the SI web site (ver. 1.0022 or 1.0033 work both fine). Note that you must copy the files without creating any folder in the floppy. All files must be in the root directory of the floppy disk.
    From now all the procedure is very easy and you only have to answer to the on-screen installation questions.
    You can also convert the FAT32 partition into NTFS.
    The reason you must start with FAT32 partition is that the installation must have a DOS partition to copy the installation files.

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  3. Thanks for the advice guys.. i actually tried all the suggestions (well tried them before posting here... but any how) Just to update any one who reads this with the same problem it turned out to be a duff set of drivers on the Asus CD (CM 303) Got them to send me some new ones and it worked a treat.

    Even downloading from Silicons website made no difference.

    Thanks again for your input.
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