Windows 7 64 bit unable to find driver for bluetooth peripheral device

Please help me with the following situation:
I installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit in my HP pavilion dm4 notebook just now. I have installed all the drivers except for two called "Bluetooth peripheral device". I tried update automatically from internet, but windows was unable to find driver. Then I tried "let me pick from list of drivers" , but in Bluetooth radio category, I was unable to find a driver for the company " Microsoft Corporation".

i want to connect my nokia phone via bluetooth to my computer, and transfer files through bluetooth.

Thanks in advance.
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    From what I've been able to discover this affects a number of Nokia models. I found this on the nokia support forum from user Mikeyalltrade.

    Hi Guys

    This is quite a simple fix. First you need to open OVI suite on your computer. Do not connect your N8 using a usb cable, just select connect another device. When prompted select "use Bluetooth"

    as the option. This will then load all of the required drivers onto you computer extracting them from the OVI suite. You can then sync using Bluetooth or simply close your OVI suite and use Bluetooth as normal on your pc laptop etc.


    Also, these threads may help shed some light on your problem >>

    Both of which seem to suggest you need the latest nokia suite software. Available here >>

    Good luck.
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