Laptop Suggestions: Smaartlive (audio monitering)

Let me start off saying, i know nothing about laptops, include the fact that i have USED 3 different compaq machines in my life, and i am under the impression that my desktop is king, and certainly more powerful and it feels to be faster than any of those ive tried. Even the ones that are supposed to be faster. We can prove this via the name brand components inside my computer, as versus the who knows whats inside compaq's computers.

Anyway, i would like suggestions from you guys on a laptop (or directions on how to build your own) that would work well within the maximum requirements for this program below: Smaartlive. Below i've included a link to the hardware requirements for it.

Really, i havent done anything as far as laptops go, i wouldnt know what to get, i would like to stay away from ones that have bundled software/os like compaq, gateway, and dell..

I would also like to keep it under $1250.. preferably around the 1000 mark.. It does not need great graphics, as it wont be used for gaming, but likely for other diagnostic programs, possible web browsing, audio storage, and other business-type applications.

Any help you could provide would be of great assistance.


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  1. Usually laptops are limited by throughput, because they usually come with just enough RAM to run as advertised, usually 1, or 2 gigabytes. Also the smaller hard drives and heat requirementss dictate that a laptop cannot "pedal to the metal" as a desktop can, programs such as Smaartlive are for professional sound cards, even though they will work with the somewhat limited audio systems built into laptops.

    I am currently typing this on a humble Lenovo Y450 with Intel Centrino, 2 Gb Ram, and I have Smaartlive running on this unit. I usually use an external USB sound box for more audio I/O, and higher sample rates, but it will happily run on the built in Realtek audio system built into the system.

    My desktop is an AMD 6-core 1090T with 4GB, and a 14-year-old Terratec EWS 88MT, still happily recording everything from guitar and vocals to a full on jazz big band.

    As long as you have a unit less than two years old, you should be able to run Smaartlive, I would suggest upgrading your memory to 4 GB if you can, especially if you are running win XP or Win 7 (I won't even lower myself to mention Vista as being possible)

    Intel i5 processor would be probably the most cost-efficient way to go, several lappy makers sell such well within your budget. Use the leftover bux to buy a good external audio unit, minimum 2 channel, and the biggest external HDD you can afford

    An external sound box, such as Focusrite Saffire, or some other USB 2.0 capable audio box will enable high quality recording of at least 48k at 24 bits, which I consider the minimum resolution for good vocals and acoustic instruments.

    Also install ASIO4All for your built in audio, the external unit should already have ASIO drivers for it's own software, install that also.

    Good luck.
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