Good Gaming laptops?

can anyone suggest a few good gaming laptops? I have been looking but without much luck
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  1. What is your pricerange, and what are you looking for it to do?
  2. well i was originally trying for like $1000 canadian, but thats not gonna happen... now i want to keep it under $2000

    And i want it to play games... Knights of the old republic (1 and 2) and Need for speed underground 2 are my "newest" games...

    I hope thats enough information...
  3. Look at Toshiba's web site, Dell's, Gateways etc. They have little ads on there to go direct to their gaming laptops.
  4. I bought my mom a Toshiba A100 SK9 laptop

    2.0ghz dual core proc.
    1gig ram
    256mb video ram 7600 geforce go
    120gig 5400rpm harddrive.
    15.4 glossy screen

    $1799.00 canadian at future shop

    This is the first laptop ive bought in a very long time. Its seems to be very fast at multimedia tasks and the video card is supposed to be in the midrange as far as gamming performance.

    check it out and also check the the Wakazachi by killernotebooks.

    both computers are below 2 grand and should offer pretty decent gamming and mulitmedia performance.
  5. I got the Dell E1705 and it is great!

    17inch Widescreen
    Dual Core 1.83GHZ
    2 Gig DDR2 667 Ram
    80 Gig Drive
    GEFORCE 7900GS PCIx 256 Meg Video

    Very nice laptop, I have Call of Duty 2 all settings maxed ( I Cut off DX9 I think it runs like crap on any pc) and run at my native resolution of 1900x1200 and it runs at 60FPS average, I also have UT2004 on and it runs the same maxed out settings at native res. and runs smooth.
    Great Laptop! I paid $1400 for it by using one of the $750 off $1999 coupons you can get easily on the net.
    I have yet to see anywhere that offered so much for so cheap!!! :lol: 8O

    Oh and it gets in 3DMARK05- 6400 score!!! which is a lot better than most laptops, espicially those with Radeon x1600 which in my opinion is weak!
  6. Sounds good, but how hot does it get?

    And how long can you play Call Of Duty before the battery gives up?

    I basically want a laptop that has a low power processor (probably using some kind of Cool n Quiet for when I'm not using it intsensively = Turion?) have a decent enough graphics capability to play UT2004 and FarCry decently (not worried about Oblivion and FEAR etc), I want about a 15" non glossy screen, and a DVD writer etc. And I want the battery to last, that's why I don't need the latest processor, and greatest graphics card. I'd like at least two / two and a half hours under load.

    Am I dreaming?

    I'm looking a Dell too, Inspiron 6400, but they only seem to have Dual Core, and I heard they're all very power hungry. And Inspiron has x1600, which isn't as good as the 7900, but probably uses less power. Vaios have a nice dual grahpics mode, you can switch between int graphics and graphics chip to save power.

    Any suggestions, people?
  7. Eliminator
    15.4" Glossy Widescreen
    Turion MT-40 2.2 Ghz
    1 Gig CAS 2.0 2-2-2-5 timing Ultra Low Latency RAM
    100 Gig 7,200 rpm Hard Drive
    x1600 256 MB
    108 Mbps internal wireless
    DUal Layer DVD Burner
    $1,599 w/ USA Shipping
  8. Dude I bought a gaming laptop, not a battery loving ultra light laptop. Doesnt get very hot, I use a utility to cut the fans on sooner so it runs pretty cool. Also playing games on the battery is about the stupidist thing I have ever heard. I bought this laptop because I wanted to be able to play ANY game at 1900x1200 with ALL settings MAXED and still be very smooth. This thing is almost as fast as my desktop, I guess that is why they consider it a desktop replacement. If you want battery life get something else, geez some people. Want to be able to game forever on a battery for 10$. Figure out what you really want. The higher the graphics card in the Laptop the LESS Battery you have. 8O

    Higher Performance= Low Battery Life

    PS- do you have lan parties in your car or on a plane? I mean really if you are gaming plug the stupid laptop in.... 8O

    By the way I LOVE MY 17 INCH, 2 GIG Ram, Geforce 7900GS, $1400 Laptop . I thought it would be stupid to pay the same money for a 15 inch laptop with less graphics and ram...
  9. Sure, playing recent games on battery is pretty dumb, but I wanted to know how much of a battery life difference there is between say a 7900 and an x1600, because I'd want to take it on the road as well, but not use it for games.

    For games, I'd have it plugged in at home.

    Thanks for the suggestion KillerNotebooks.
  10. Thanks, who makes this?
  11. There is a really big difference mostly because the x1600 is usually built onto the board and the 7900 series cards are just that, cards.

    The GS & GTX are completely different animals. GS uses a lot less power, but is an embarrasment to 7900 class cards. I think above he said he got 6,400 3D05 Marks with a GS, the GTX gets over 8,000 with 256 MB cards.
  12. Battery life for normal use it around 2 hours. Yes the 7900GTX is faster, my card is clocked slower. If I wanted I could clock it higher and get around 8000 3dMarks but right now dont need to LIKE I said earlier it plays all games at native res. with settings maxed. :wink:
  13. Ill have to say check out Sager, Alienware and other for gaming laptops.

    I have a Sager 5720 and cant be any happier. I can game Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition on battery for 30+ minutes.

    Besides that it plays absolutely everything maxed out. Most of my games have been registry edited or hacked to support 1680x1050 resolution :)
  14. I checked all of those out and they were way to pricy compared to the e1705 I got. For $1400 you cant touch it with any other laptop I saw...

    Hello? Are you getting this? 7900GS 17 INCH Widescreen 2 GIG RAM $1400... !

    In my opinion unless another laptop company can offer more bang for the buck you would be crazy to get anything other than the E1705.
  15. The one and only Killer Notebooks makes the Eliminator and I have this one right here waiting for you brother.
  16. Cool I sold my E1705 and the 1720's have crappy video. I already have 4 gig ram for my new laptop and the OS. I have $1300 left to spend on a decent gaming laptop...
  17. Got anything for $1300 killer????

    I am looking at getting a laptop with 1 gig ram (I have 4 gig here for it)...
    The silence is deafening..
  18. with all the heat generated from constant gameplay i would be scared of heat. Does a cooling pad help any?

    My co-worker has one and says it pulls air away from the laptop which is weird. I would imagine it would be blowing into the vents under the computer.
  19. It really depends on which computer you have, and which pad you bought. I've seen some pads that suck air from the laptop, and others that blow air in. I assume there's the same two designs in laptops, though I wonder why you would blow air down into the desk. Either way, you can always just turn the fans around if you bought the wrong one.
  20. I bought a Gateway P-6831 FX laptop from best buy for $1250, here are the specs
    Core 2 1.67 ghz, 3 Gig DDR2 Ram, 250 GIG SATA Drive, 17 Inch 1440x900 Screen, Bluetooth, Firewire, 5 in 1 media reader, Vista Home Premium, DVDRW, NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GTS 512 MEG (beats 8700 and 7950 by quite a bit), and it came with my choice free game.
    CPU is P Socket and is highly upgradeable, and with 3 gigs ram (runnning dual channel) seems like a great system for less than $1300 bucks
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