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I am experiencing an intermittent hardware problem with my Gateway laptop. The laptop is about two years old, and in general has worked just fine. The problem is that on occasion you can audibly hear the hard drive powering down or resetting, and this usually results in a lockup (but not always). Rebooting the computer results in a working system. I've experienced no data loss, no other errors, no blue screens or anything else. The problem doesn't seem to be destructive, aside from whatever I was working on at the time that I didn't save. Has anyone else ever experienced this? It is still under warranty, but I'd like to diagnose the problem as well as possible before I send it to their tech support people.

Additionally, both batteries (one a larger capacity) have been causing some problems. They sometimes appear to be fully charged, but then suddenly drop to almost no charge, and neither seems to last as long as they used to. I understand batteries do wear out, but again, they are only a couple of years old. Do you think the problems are related? Finally, the power supply sometimes emits a buzzing noise when charging up the battery. Does anyone have any advice or experience with a similar situation?

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  1. Go to your power amnagement and see what it says for hard drives hibernating and shuttting down once.

    I would say buzzing sounds aren't real good when we are talking of electrical devices. Try a universal P.S. from Radio shack and hopefully it is not your batteries.
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