Save Battery Life, Install Windows XP Patch

In May of this year Microsoft released a patch for Windows XP SP2. The patch prevents battery drain problems when an internal or external USB 2.0 device is connected to a mobile computer and powered on. Find out about the patch and how to download and install it.
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  1. THANX DUDE(s)! :trophy:

    I'm about to go on a trip back east at the end of the month and I almost always have my Rollerball plugged in, so this will likely extend my Oblivion/DVD viewing time, and I might need it if the TV selection sux on the flight.

    Thanks for the heads' up, just a quick question does this not automatically download itself, or is this like the M$ defender where you have to manually do all the upgrade crap (I have a valid copy of WinXP [came with my notebook as do most people's unfortunately [already have 2 legal paid for copies {Home SP1 and XP-Pro original (pre-SP)} as well]). I just HATE the phone home feature, and hog CPU cycles of M$' WGA crap. Download battery improvement to have their phone home software use up CPU cycles and power, poor trade-off because the WGA crap run when you're on AC too. :roll:

    Anywhoo enough complaining about M$ I guess, just was curious if it downloads automatically if you have everything set to automatic update?

    Thanks again! 8)
  2. I'm updated on my laptop. Whatever M$ puts on their update web site. Don't know about this batt patch. Because most of the time I have my laptop plugged in. Time to get off my main PC. Since there is a storm outside. About time I got some rain.
  3. This patch also drops your idle CPU temp on a desktop. When building my new system, I noticed my idle CPU temp jumped about 5 degrees C when I plugged in a USB drive. After this patch, it's back to normal. Awesome!!

  4. The patch does nothing, or at least isnt noticible. my battery life hasnt swayed either way hevily enough for me to think its done anything.
  5. Hey Barry, freaking AWESOME review on hte Executioner man!

    Getting Mobility Guru's Cutting Edge Gaming Award rocks!
  6. If you're not running any USB drives, you won't notice a difference.
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