Help! my computer is lagging while playing video games! is it dust on the fan? i

Help - my new Asus x54c is lagging all of a sudden everytime I play my video games and it is about a month old; I bought it brand new. is it dust on the fan? Should I be taking the back apart, pulling out the fan connection and checking to see if there is dust in there?
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  1. I cant imagine there being that significant of a dust build up in a months time...what games are you playing? and what are the specs of the cpu/gpu, etc
  2. Probably not. I would guess that it's more likely to be hard disk related, or due to the game you are playing. It could also be due to the power mode settings you are using, try switching to max power in both windows and the laptops keys for power mode.

    It's also worth noting that the specs for the x54c I found via googling didn't look all that impressive for a gaming machine, it could simply be that you are expecting too much of it. If you post your specs, or your full model number, along with what games you are playing, people can tell you if or not that is the case.

    If you are convinced it is heat related, get an application to monitor your CPU and GPU temps and clock speeds over time, if you see high temperatures or the clock speeds slowing down, then you may suspect a dust issue.

    If you do think it's dust related, don't disassemble the laptop as this will void your warranty on a very young laptop. I typically clean for dust by blowing compressed air into the laptops exhaust and intake ports, I've never checked how other people do it so there may be better methods, but that should get rid of any minor dust buildup.
  3. If it is getting too hot, it may affect performance, and dust may be a cause, but there are a lot of other aspects that can slow down your machine.

    The first thing you´d know is that laptops are not really made for gaming, tough some can do the job.

    Gaming are very demanding on video card. Your has an integrated HD Graphics 3000 which is not enough to play today´s game at high/max settings. Try to set the graphics to medium or low to gain some performance.
  4. Im 99% sure it inst "dust" but you should check your temps to make sure it isn't heat related. Also try to pinpoint what LAG means for your issue. Does the FPS in the game drop low when you feel the lag? It is a laptop so some lag is to be expected in many games.
  5. quick search show model has either i3 with intel HD3000 graphics or pentium with radeon 6470m graphics. So possible reason game is laggy: CPU and graphics can't handle the type of games it is running.

    Give us the precise CPU/graphics and the type of games you play so we can give you better answer!!

    Intel® Core™ i3 Processor (that's the top listed proc, other options are Pentium and Celeron)
    Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (Core i3/i5/i7)
    1366*768 resolution.

    These are the laptop specs I found. Unless you are listing the wrong model or I found the wrong model, I wouldn't expect smooth gameplay in anything but 2d games and older or simplistic 3d games, and probably at lower settings.
  7. I doubt its overheating....The site indicates either these 2 video cards:

    and Intel® HD Graphics 3000 or AMD Radeon HD 6470M

    Not that great of a card, in either case. I have the same video card in my system and i would expect it play older games fine, but nothing current with really good FPS speeds.

    Check out the chart:

    "our" card is many many tiers from the top:,3107-7.html

    Its as good as a top end video card years ago: ie: 8800

    Basically anything out in 2010-2012 will run laggy. (depending on the requirements)

    I would spruce for a laptop with a 7770 in it (at least) or a nvidia 560 if you want decent gaming.
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