need sidewinder software v4 to program my pad

does anyone have the sidewinder software v4 to program sidewinder gamepad buttons?
The 3.2 version seems not to be compatible with usb gamepad and microsoft dont want to distribute v4 on its site

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  1. M$ has only released up to 3.2 that I can find


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  2. The v4 exists but is only for usb devices and is given with the recent pad, stick or wheel sold by ms
    It is compatible with xp/2000 and 9x/me but isnt distributed on ms site for unknown reasons

    What's New In Sidewinder Gaming Control Software 4.0

    Compatibility with earlier versions

    Version 4.0 of the SideWinder software works only with SideWinder USB-only game controllers.
    Installing version 4.0 doesn't delete or overwrite earlier versions of the SideWinder software.
    You need to use version 3.02 or earlier to customize your version 3.02-compatible game controllers. (Q268924)

    SideWinder 4.0: All SideWinder 4.0-Compatible Game Controllers Are Installed in Same Folder

    where is this driver ?!
  3. I have a copy off sidewinder force feedback 4.0:Game Controller softweare.could email it to you its about 15 meg.
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