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I just purchased a Pioneer DVR-A06 burner to backup my DVD Movie collection. I have looked around and seen several programs used to backup DVDs and was wondering what would be the best one to use. I have seen DVD2One, DVD X-Copy, DVD Decrypter, and DVD Shrink. Can someone clear the confusion on which is the most stable and best choice?

I would like to have more than just the DVD-movie on the disk. I definitely want to keep menus if at all possible and have the option of getting rid (or still-framing) special features. I'd also like to have all that on one disk.

thanks for your help
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  1. The best solution is DVD Decrypter (free) + DVD2One (costs $$$)+ Nero (costs $$$). You first use DVD Decrypter to crack the DVD encryption and copy the DVD to your hard drive. From there, you use DVD2One to transcode the movie to take up less space (you can transcode the entire movie or just parts of it). Next you take the transcoded copy and use Nero to copy it to a DVD. There, your done, a complete copy of a DVD movie with zero or minimal quality loss (in my experience, you won't notice the difference between the original DVD and the copy).

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  2. How does DVD2One compare to DVD Shrink? Do they do the same thing? Is it worth paying for DVD2One over getting DVDShrink for free? They sound the same to me, but I am kinda skeptical of something free out there being just as good as something you pay for.

    here is a site for DVDShrink
    <A HREF="http://dvdshrink.org" target="_new">http://dvdshrink.org</A>

    Thanks for the help.
  3. Hmm, I've never used DVD Shrink but it's worth giving it a shot! :wink:

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  4. I tried DVDShrink and it worked great. It actually made things much easier for me.

    -I used DVDShrink to create the files on my HDD straight from the original DVD Video (no need to decrypt the code)
    -I then created an image of the disk using IMGTool
    -I then used DVD Decrypter to burn the ISO to the DVD.

    This worked for me like a charm on 3 DVDs so far and the best part... all three software tools cost a total of $0.00

    Thanks to AMD Man for his help.
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