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I am interested in getting myself a laptop, I would like it to play games like Rome, Everquest 2 etc. I am not interested in games like Doom and Far Cry and I do understand they use lots of graphics power to make them play.

I have a budget of around £1100. I have seen this one advertised on the Mesh Website and the one below advertised on Both are similarly priced and I wondered if anyone with a good knowlegde of Laptop technology could advise me please.


64-bit Mobile Dual Core (Vista-Ready)
AMD Mobile Turion™64X2 TL52
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center
64-bit Mobile Dual Core Technology
1024MB DDRII 667Mhz Memory
100GB S-ATA Hard Drive
512MB nVidia Geforce 7600 Graphics
17.1"WXGA+ (1440X900)
Crystal Bright "X-Glass" WideScreen
Multi-Format 8x Dual Layer DVD Writer
5 in 1 Media Card Reader
Built in Wireless LAN Card
Built in Bluetooth
Built in Video camera (1.3M Pixels)
Hybrid TV Tuner & Remote
Asus Mobile Theatre Software
Audio DJ,Azalia 5.1 audio,4 x Speaker
Weight ~3.9Kg ,Battery Life ~ 3hrs
2 Years Worldwide Warranty

and this one on the

Processor Type Intel Core Duo
Processor Speed 2GHz CPU
RAM 1024MB
Hard Drive
Display 17 inch TFT display
Widescreen Type WXGA+ (1440 x 900)
ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 with 256MB GDDR3 dedicated
Video RAM and MXM-III technology
Video Chipset
Video RAM 256MB
Optical Drive Double Layer DVD±RW
Operating System MS WinXP Home
Wireless LAN Wireless LAN 802.11abg upto 54Mbps
Weight Kg 4.00
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  1. I think the best idea is talk to both companys and ask them. See some Laptops are limited in what they can do due to the fact of the video card. If you look at some of the boxes of the games they will say they my not work with some laptops.
  2. I would go with ASUS for my first choice. A very well respected company in terms of quality.

    One thing I could recomend from personal experience is to purchase 'Toshiba' and not to purchase 'Fujitsu'.

    ***These are case to case terms so please feel free to buy whatever brand you feel is best.

    I vote in the favor of ASUS, mainly due to reliable quality and solid customer support.
  3. ASUS looks good. Where you live can you buy Compaq, HP or Gateway?
  4. I live in England so no access to Gateway they moved out of the European Market I believe and I have not seem much Compaq and HP systems around.

    Its really just for gaming when I am away with work, I can occupy my time in hotels and stuff.

    I was unsure of how good the graphics card was in the system and I have done some research but can find nothing conclusive on it.
  5. The Asus has a better graphic card them my Compaq. Which has the intergrated X200M. which will play all of todays games.
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