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I'm buying a laptop at the end of this week. Basically I have my sights on this laptop. I've created a similar laptop via the dell website with a couple other bells and whistles (well, TV tuner is the biggest thing, but a bigger battery as well).

My question is, which is the better manufacturer? The store which I'll buy the Toshiba will provide me with a 3 year warrenty very much like Dell's, so that's not a problem.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of dell. Toshiba looks nice. Have you checked out KillerNotebooks? Or Gateway?
  2. Quote:
    I'm not a big fan of dell. Toshiba looks nice. Have you checked out KillerNotebooks? Or Gateway?

    I heard some stuff about Toshiba overheating. I havn't checked out KillerNotebooks, but will drop by there. I'm somewhat limited by the fact I'm in Canada. I've been told to stay away from Gateway.
  3. I priced out a high end Dell 2 months ago and it came to $4675. I did the same thing at (model 5724 w/ exactly the same hardware) and it came out to $3,200....and it beat the Dell (the one listed as fastest laptop on THW site) in 3D Marks.

    I have had Tosh laptops and was a IBM Stinkpad snob for many years refusing to use anything else.....but IBM abandoned the performance market well before Lenovo thing. That left Voodoo, Widow and Alienware for the performance market all of which at some time or another used Clevo as their chassis supplier.

    Matching the Tosh configuration you linked to I camne up with $1,543 (same stuff / 3 yr warranty) which is still $250 cheaper than the Toshiba. My beef with Tosh is that they tend to be stingy on performance options. A 5400 rpm HD gonna be areal drag for example.

    You can customize the 6624 here to your heart's content adding faster HD's, more memory and just about everything. I priced out a model 5714 which has a 17" screen and it came to only $1834 before adding the extra 2 year warranty.

    With Dell's 3.32 rating at, I wouldn't touch them with a 10' patch cord. We signed a deal back in May w/ Pro-Star to supply our professional society w/ laptops (2600 member organization) ... so far the experience has left us with nothing to complain about.
  4. KN ships all over the world. As for Gateway. Send a PM to GreatgrapeApe. He has a 17'' Gateway. I know he uses his more than I use my Compaq. He has had no problems with his Gateway
  5. I Just purchased the brand new toshiba A100 SK9 Satellite notebook computer for my mom and we have both been using it for about 2 weeks.

    umm. all i can say is so far its been werking very well, its quite and super fast, I do lots of audio recording and editing and have been using it over my aging desktop and it just flys threw everything i give it.

    My entire company uses toshiba notebooks across the country and i know many other people that have toshiba laptops.

    So far my personal experience with the two companies has me leaning towards toshiba.


    P.S If anyone wants me to do a review of the toshiba A100 SK9 or has questions about it let me know.
  6. If you buy Dell call them about the battery recall on their notebook line.

    Here's a link of one of them burning.

    I have 2 Toshiba laptops my self but it's an older model not like the new ones, so I can't comment on them but my old Toshiba notebook works well. And I remember about an article once, that military uses Toshiba for its durability. But my guess on certain models.

    The only Dell product I own is a Desktop and my wife is using it.
  7. I bought a Dell E1705 for $1400 and it rocks.
    Duo Core 1.83
    2 gig Ram
    80 gig Drive
    17 INCH Widescreen
    GEFORCE 7900GS 256 Meg

    Plays COD2, UT2004, BFME2, Counterstrike Source wonderfully...

    Keep in mind I am not only giving my opinion but I have one so I am not basing my opinion on here say but on exp...

    Oh and in 3dMark05 I get 6400 score which isnt to bad...
    You have to search google and get one of those dell coupons for 750 off laptops 1999 or more to bring the price down.
  8. I love Prostar but the problem with most is that you cannot get a Matte screen anymore. You can with Dell. If it weren't for my preference on that issue, I would take a Prostar.
  9. Gateways aren't very reliable, they are more on the lower middle end brands. Toshibas are good, i have had an old one, that had a 5200 graphics and back in its day it played everythin nicely, but my second one overheated way too much. i even got burned once holding it, but i think Toshiba has that problem fixed. As for dell i have had really bad experience with tehm.

    But i would recommend HP they have slightly cheaper laptops with pretty good specs
  10. Dell is much better than toshiba in my experience. dell is also not of great quality but is better than toshiba.

    I have written an article that compares toshiba and dell laptops, thier features, specs, design, price and overall quality, here:
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