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How much power should I get?

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July 6, 2003 6:29:42 PM

Ok I'm building a new system soon and was wondering what kind of psu and how much power i should get for this system:

Asus P4C800 Deluxe
Intel P4 1.6ghz (will be updating, depending on price, to 2.4, 2.6, or 3.0 with 800fsb)
1gb Corsiar XMS3200C2 (2x 512)
Geforce Ti 4400
80gb Western Digital hard drive
30gb generic back up drive
2-3 fans
Am I forgetting anything?

So what do you guys think I should get?

One more quick question: What would happen if I use a psu that isn't powerful enough for my system? Can I damage my computer hardware or will my psu take all the damage and fry itself?

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July 7, 2003 1:16:51 AM

A decent brand name 350W PSU should be sufficient. I recommend enermax or antec.

And yes, having insufficient power can lead to all sorts of unfun things, from random crashes cauzing headaches and screwing up your OS to the PSU burning out and frying components in the process.

As a rule i recommend peple get MORE power than what they may need. As its better not to be running your PSU flatout so it will last longer, and the system can take upgrades later on.

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July 7, 2003 6:25:42 AM

Here's another recommendation for the Fortron 350W unit, $32 at Newegg. It has more peak output than most 400W units, including Antec and Enermax.

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July 7, 2003 7:24:05 AM

Thanks for all your replies. I think I'll be going with the Fortron unless someone knows a better deal and a better product.
But right now buying the FSB seems like a given.

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