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ok, first time over in this mobil section, and first time considering a laptop.

i am looking at this alienware m-9700, for i think 1799, and the m-7700, for i think 2499... anyway, i was just gonna get a pretty cheap laptop since i am getting an am2 system with a 1900xt, 5000+, corsair xms2 ddr2 800, etc. but this m-9700 seem like a pretty good deal, considering crapier ones i see go for mid teens in price, with like an x 300 vga. so what do you think, worth it?

comparison chart from alienware

wow, i just customized it and it shyrocketd to like 3500$ lol.. oh well, but still base model is good, except needs more ram.
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  1. For that kind of money have you checked KillerNotebooks?
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