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MicroATX suggestion

Last response: in Components
July 7, 2003 2:48:41 AM

Ok, I just spent the most frustrating 4 hours of my life. I am tired of this oversized P.O.S. I'm tired of all of it. Too loud, too heavy, TOO SLOW.

Anyway, I know this goes against my last complaint, but I was considering a barebone system. Now, I just bought an ATI 9500 Pro and I don't want to get rid of it. The shuttle system I was looking at (SN41G2) only has a 200W PSU. Would that be a problem with the 9500? Not only power but heat/size?

Are there any other limitations I should consider?

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July 7, 2003 6:23:17 AM

Consider the fact it has only 1 PCI slot, little room for drives, a proprietary power supply, and a noisey fan. Then consider a Micro ATX platform instead.

<font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
July 7, 2003 11:45:47 AM

Good call.... who makes nice micro cases?

Are there any MicroATX Mobos using nForce2 with SATA?

I see most cases come with 200W PSUs, will that be enough for everything and the 9500pro?
July 7, 2003 10:56:05 PM

Lots of nice micro ATX cases are available. Look around newegg and pick one. Just beware of the low profile desktops that can only take half-height cards.

MSI makes an nForce2 with MCP-T, but I don't think it has SATA. Why would you need it?

I'd try to find a case that uses a standard ATX power supply. Most micro-ATX cases use one of the following form factor power supplies:

1.) PS-II: This is the standard ATX power supply (which is also the same size as PS-II AT power supplies)
2.) PS-III: This is a slim version with the same size mounting plate as a standard PS-II size supply, but less depth for shallow cases
3.) SFX: This is the type most often associatied with micro cases such as used in eMachines!

<font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>