sound stutters with xp

my sound keeps stuttering evry 2min or so,i cant figure out what is going on.i know it has to do with the win xp ,i just installed it recently and thats when it started happening. does anyone know how i can fix this.i have a sound blaster live 5.1 and installed the xp drivers for it and it still keeps skipping..arghh its so anoying.
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  1. anyone have this problem?
  2. I had this problem with a motherboard that had the VIA chipset. Downloaded the via 4-1 drivers and the problem went away:
  3. xp has a problem with certian sound cards and their drivers i had an older sound card that worked fine with me but not with xp, it would stutter and skip out when running programs like adobe and grokster. try gettin xp drivers or a new sound card
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