Youtube video freezes and cant have control over computer

like last few days I watch like ten or so videos on youtube, then when i watch the eleventh one, before it starts it freezes, and i see a blurry monitor screen, and i can not exit the video, or better yet, have any control of the computer. i only have control of the mouse, and i cant exit the internet or click on any other programs because all i see is a blurry screen thats it. i cant click on start, or anything, just a blurry screen and i can only see my mouse moving. when i click alt, control delete so i can end task , nothin pops up on my screen. everything is frozen and the only choice that i have is to turn it off thru the power button.

now i tried to delete the account that has problem, but before made a new account, deleted the account with the problem, and on the new account that i created, it also does the same thing. i tried updatin google chrome flash player, but it says the flash player updates it self, and i manually updated the flash player on firefox, and it manually acts up.

i got avast free, malwairebytes free, superantispyware free,ccleaner as protections on my computer. i tried to clean usin ccleaner default options which it did clean up lots of cookies, cache,etc but the youtube problem still persists.

feel free to im me here, my email is
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  1. sound more like a memory whole issue where the browsers is leaking memory till the system locks up. i would watch a few movies then close the browser down and see if that helps. with nvidia video cards sometime turning off hardware acceletraion in the flash windows works. (check that your video driver up to date.) if you have a system with 4g of ram or less try using msconfig and turning things off in start up you dont need.
  2. forgot to mention my video card i got is intel gma x4500 integrated graphics.
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