Sprint PPC 6600 and EVDO

I'm a user and fan of the PPC 6600 because of it's display size, which is easier on the eyes than the otherwise beguiling 6700. It's also easier to use Calligrapher and Textmaker on the 6600.

However, like many others, I've been frustrated by the lack of the EVDO upgrade. Some of you may know that an older Blackberry, the year old 7250, IS being given the EVDO upgrade by Sprint.

I'm in discussion with someone at the corporate level, who insists that Sprint never promised the upgrade, but many people like myself were told by Sprint Techs and salespeople that the upgrade was forthcoming.

I also had a conversation with someone high up at UTS/Starcom who indicated that they had been working on the upgrade until Sprint cancelled the project, which makes the assertion that Sprint never intended to do an upgrade somewhat dubious.

What I need in my conversation with Sprint is any proof...press releases, announcements, etc...which supports the contention that Sprint did intend the upgrade, and told consumers the same. The UTS/Starcom information shows that the upgrade was hardly in the realm of rumor.

The official at Sprint indicated to me that the "discussed possibility" of an upgrade was dismissed because it was not technically feasible. Yet a partly working beta was released, with some people getting on the EVDO network, and my conversation with UTStarcom did not support the notion that there were any real technical problems standing in the way of a successful upgrade.

If the 7250 can get an upgrade, then why not the 6600?


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  1. your phone is too old. they dot want to spend the money developing that upgrade on a phone that is rare and not supported anymore
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