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is there any compatible dvd driver for acer 4738z b'coz when i wat to re-install windows 7 the installer ask for the dvd driver. When i find out at acer support, there's no such driver provide. So, i need your help to find out any compatible driver for acer 4738z.
Thanks if u can help me.
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  1. Hi :)

    There is no dvd driver, its built into Windows...and HOW are you installing 7 with no dvd drive working ??

    Tell us EXACTLY how far you get and what EXACTLY the error is...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Thanks... it's surprising me two. During installation i'm using dvd to install, suddenly the installer couldn't find the dvd driver for this laptop and ask me where's the driver location. I'm also looking the driver at the whole folder in "windows 7 dvd" and acer support center but didn't find it. So, i make a conclusion maybe i can use compatible driver for the dvd that the installer ask for.
  3. I'm realy appreciate if anybody can help to find for me the compatible dvd driver for this laptop
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