Notebook battery life - Turion vs Centrino

I was wondering, since the AMD Turion has Cool n Quiet, if this means that the battery life is significantly longer (since most of the time I'd imagine mine would be using Word and so on).

Also, I'd imagine that Dual Core versions of these processors (not sure if AMD has a dual core notebook CPU) would use up battery a lot more.

Does anybody have any experience or knowledge about what difference these things make? I'm planning on getting a laptop, and from what I can figiure out, an AMD Turion would be best for battery life, though I expect not for performance.

Am I right? Thanks for any help. Also, anyone know any web sites that have done any tests along these lines?
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  1. Ha, this has just been moved from CPU forum!

    My fault, but I didn't see what Laptop CPUs have to do with mobile networks and phone brands (Mobile forum), and all other "mobile?" related discussion (I assumed to the first two).

    Perhaps the word laptop could be in there as well, for idiots like me...

  2. actually i duo has longer life than the turion cuz of teh components or something
  3. So the single core Intel Centrino (laptop CPU?) uses less battery than the Turion?

    The Core Duo Centrino, though, probably is much worse?

    Thanks for the reply, ducky!
  4. actually i suggest the duo core if u can afford it really
  5. The Turion has better battery life than a single core Intel chip, but supposedly the power scheme changed with the core duo and it uses less (?) power than a single core.

    I don't see how that is possible, but the Turion is a really good chip.
  6. The turion ML-44 does not belong in a note book. i know i put one in mine. i have more power than most desk top, and a 25min. battery life. yeah i did it to my self, and to be honest id do it again.
  7. I should have clarified. I use the Turion MT-40's in my Eliminator line.

    I use the ML-44 in the Assassin, but no one who is buying a 19" dual 7900 GTX with 512 MB of video memory is concerned with the battery life.

    A Turion MT-40 should last you 2 hours minumum with a good battery.
  8. true, i rarely use battery my self, but some times i think t would be nice to do things with out the cord. if i could just get through a whole movie.
  9. In the BIOS make sure that "cool and quiet" or AMD's "power now" is enabled.

    Go to START | CONTROL PANEL | POWER OPTIONS and make sure your battery options are where you want them for max power savings.

    Also, AMD has a chipset driver AND Power Now driver for Windows, make sure those are installed.

    ML-44 system 19" Assassin on the bottom - 15.4" Eliminator MT-40 system on top of it. All that's missing is teeth on the Assassin and that picture is complete.
  10. Well thanks for all that, people.

    To summarize,
    Turion best of all battery life
    Dual Core Centrino, second best
    Centrino single core worst

    Turions are single core?

    With a Turion MT 37 and an x1600 256MB video card what kind of battery life would I be looking at?

    My other choice is a Dell Inspiron 6400 dual core T2250 x1400 256MB.

    Any rough ideas on what would give better battery life?

    My guess wuold be the first, but what difference does the better graphics make?

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