Out of Sync Error with new Titan Maps

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I keep getting a saving sync error whenever my friends
and I try playing the new Titan maps over our LAN. The
multiplayer game works fine whenever we play the original
maps from Age of Mythology. Also, any maps or multiplayer
scenerios we download to play do not work either. We keep
getting the same saving sync error about 10 seconds into
the game. We have XP for our operating system. Both Age
of Mythology and Age of Titans have the latest updates
(1.10 and 1.03 respectfully). I hope someone has an
answer. It really gets boring playing those original maps
over and over.

Thank You,

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  1. 1. Set all monitors to 1024 X 768 @60hz
    2. Use Cat 6 Cable, not 5
    3. Check the number of pins on your monitor cable. For example, a lot of Dsub 15 monitor cables actually only have 14 pins when you check them!!! Frys Electronics has them with the FULL 15 pins for $4.95ea.
    4. Set all your video cards for SPEED or PERFORMANCE, NOT quality.

    These things will solve this problem for a lot of people.
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