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Hi, I have 2 hard drives in IDE1 and a DVD-RW in IDE2. One Hard drive is master with my os and the other is slave for my backup files. If I put the slave hard drive on IDE2 and just have my master hard drive on IDE1 would that increase my systems performance?Hope This is not confusing.Anyway, I want to do this but Every time I put the slave hard drive on IDE2, reboot the system then the comp just stays at the bootup screen where it detects the hard drives and stuff (you know where it says your drives names and if its master or slave)How do I get it to reconize that I put the backup hard drive on IDE2? Thx!
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  1. my specs are

    athlon xp 2400+
    abit NF7 motherboard
    nvidia geforce4 ti4800
    1gig of ddr333 memory
    western digital 80gb 8mb cache hard drive x2
    toshiba dvd-rw SD-R5002
    windows xp home

    The problem is is just freezes at the bootup screen so i cant rearrange my drives, anything im supposed to do before switching? thx
  2. If it's not detecting the drive as a slave on IDE2, it could be BIOS has that position set to "none" instead of "auto".

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