Razr screen is permanently white?

ok so i flip open my phone to go make a phone call and the screen is white, now i'm thinking, wait a while and it will load up. It's stuck there, after about 20 minutes of restarting, and removing the battery and then restarting it's stuck there. Even the front screen is stuck on blue. What's extremely odd is that I had used my phone like literally 20 seconds before this happened, and it worked fine

I have the RAZR V3C from Verizon in that Silvery-Blackish color

The phone still works fine, but the problem is that I dont have any numbers memorized (since there is no screen, i may not know who i'm calling), really shows your dependency on speed-dial.

please help
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  1. I'd guess the cable that connects to the screens have broken off.

    It's a flip-lid phone and the tiny cable that gives picture is inside the hinge..

    It's a warranty issue if you still have warranty on it.
  2. My son had the same problem with his Juke phone. It was white screen but it still works. I read another article online of how to fix it. I was skeptical of a person's answer by putting the phone in the freezer for 15 minutes. I did it! And you know what! IT WORKS!!!! All I did was I turned the phone off and put it in the freezer for 20 minute! Wala....my son's phone screen came up when I turned it on and his setting was there. No need to reset anything. So anyone out there has a white screen phone, put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. GOOD LUCK!
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