Merom or wait for santa rosa

I'm considering buying a new laptop and would like to seek your opinion if it is wiser to wait for santa rosa platoforms to be out next year (Q1 07?) or grab a merom now.
Are there any speculations as to how much faster a santa rosa platform would be compared to merom? (how significant)

im using it as an all-round multimedia comp, watch movies, play games decently, music etc

I haven't read up on it, but what are the main changes in santa rosa that would be interesting for consumers in terms of speed or power consumption?
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  1. Get it now, how much stinking pwer do you need?

    I have the Core 2 Duo in the Executioner:

    I can't even conceive of a reason you would need more mobile power.
  2. does anyone know if santa rosa might be compatable with core 2 duo (merom) chipsets?

    that would be sweet !


    I think i got this all wrong, santa rosa is a new chipset that will allow for core 2 duo proccessors to drop into it.
    I thought santa rosa was a a new proccessor that might be able to use the same chipsets as the current merom and yonah proccessors.

    If im still wrong someone please fill me in
  3. Still bottom line is, if you are going to wait for the next best thing you will be waiting forever. There is always going to be the next thing.
    I remember when I was looking at big screen t.v.'s and I said, "Ok, this is the one I want. When it comes down in price in 6 months I am going to buy it. It is exactly what I want."

    Then, 6 months later, I was like, "God, I can't get that piece of junk, I am going to wait for this one to come down in price. I am definately going to be happy with this.

    You know what? I am still waiting for the new Sony with 4 million pixel resolution. BUT... when that comes out I AM GETTING IT!
  4. 3-4 months after I bought my 26'' Widescreen Sansung HDTV. They bring out DLP. I had not heard of that untill it came out.
  5. That's actually one of the technologies I was looking at.

    The Samsung HL-S5087W because it was 1080p and could actually accept a 1080p signal (for the PS3 and BluRay)

    I still might get it because it has come down in price so much. You can pick one up under 2 grand.

    $1875 50" Samsung DLP
  6. Santa Rosa is a new chipset style that will allow your Merom chip to access the full potential of it's 667-800 mhz FSB. On current 945 chipsets, it's completely restrained to the 667 mhz bus.

    Not quite sure as to real world performance gains, however we definitely hope so. :P
  7. But let's not lose track that this is not going to be released until 2Q'07.
    NAPA'S LIFE as a notebook platform is assured until the second quarter of 2007, Intel told its partners last week.
    But when super duper Santa Rosa dawns in the second quarter of next year
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