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Hey, I am looking for a new mouse and one of the mice that look good is the logitech mx500. However, I have heard that the drivers(mouseware) are bad. What kind of things are bad about it? One thing that appeals to me is all of the buttons that it has and the fact that I can custimize it to the way I want. The back/forward buttons are good but I would change the "cruise control" buttons to something else like close program or copy or paste. Can I still do that? What other problems are there? Also, what other mice do you suggest? I probably fall into the "quaker" category because I play lots of fps games. Thanks.
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  1. Well I have the MX500 and the drivers are fine for me... and yes every button can be given another key function inside windows. But in most games the mouse doesn't allow you to use all buttons... atleast I didn't found a way to use them all yet.

    Edit: I found that there is an additional utility that allows some extra options... I will test them in a game right now.

    Edit 2: I found out that if you give buttons functions like Ctrl, Shift, Enter, etc and you force those settings with the advanced app you can use the buttons in games as function keys.

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  2. Hey, are there any probelems installing the mouseware thing and what buttons do show up in games? I.E. Half-Life counter strike
  3. I don't have CS installed but I treid with UT. When I manually set the back/forward button to page up and page down and forced the original config with that extra app the buttons functioned like page up and down keys.

    So if you then set page up to jump in the game and press the mouse button you jump, etc.

    And I didn't had any problems installing the mouseware or using the app. But it is kinda irritating you can use profiles for games (didn't figured out how yet, and there is no option), which means you have to manually set the buttons before starting the game.

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  4. Yea, I am have been able to do it that way. I made the button below the mosue wheel backspace in mouseware and when I went in the game and made backspace secondary fire it woruld work. It can work like that for other buttons too. Is there no other way? If not than it is really annoying that it cant automatically change the config for the mouse buttons when you switch to games.
  5. I'm trying to figure out. I already found out where in the registry the settings are saved... but now I'm searching for an app or anything that can make profiles for fast switching.

    Edit: I found this article on the Logitech site... it appears that the only option atm is manual selection, but maybe in the future they add some kind of profile function: <A HREF="http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm?page=support/products/document&CRID=1792&contentid=4619&contentid2=6033&showalldocuments=1&countryid=12&languageid=13" target="_new">Click for article</A>.

    I'm now looking if there are any 3rd Party apps who add profiling.

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  6. Woooohoooooo... I found this inside the comments on a review... if you're into a little registry changing you can simple make to reg keys: one for windows default and one for the games.

    Yep. I can finally use all eight buttons in games, hoorah I agree with you that it is very annoying changing the settings all the time, so I investigated a bit... I managed to find the settings for Mouseware stored in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech\MouseWare\ CurrentVersion\Control Center\Schemes\.Default\ Devices\CordlessOptical6\0001

    I then exported the key to a .reg file and then changed the settings (to game buttons) using mousware and then I exported the key to another file. Then I added [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech\MouseWare\ CurrentVersion\Control Center\Schemes\.Default\ Devices\CordlessOptical6\0001] (this removes the previous settings) to the beginning of each file (after the Windows Registry Editor… line.). Now I have 2 reg files, one of which has the window settings and one the game settings (I could of course make a reg file for each game if wanted to…) Now I just run the game file before I play any games and the windows file after them :d

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