USED sound card, need help!

I originally wanted to get a new sound blaster audigy I found for around $50 U.S.

However I just stumbled upon a Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer that has been used for three years for $45. The seller says the card works perfectly and the pic is legit.

Do sound cards sh!t out after a couple years of use? I've never used the same sound card for over 4 years. Is the Audigy Gamer really that better than the Audigy? I do play lots of PC games. Which one should I choose? I trust this seller of the Audigy Gamer.... i'm just not sure if a three year old sound card is a good purchase.....

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  1. Audigy Gamer is IDENTICAL to Audigy MP3+, Audigy SE (sold in asian countries), Audigy OEM, etc. The only difference is in the bundled package and software. I'd say go for the new one.

    Only the Platinum and Platinum eX are really different (they add an internal or external Audigy drive with a remote control and more software).
  2. ""Do sound cards sh!t out after a couple years of use? ""

    I still mainly use 5 years old MX300 and it still will "sh!t out" any card out there, no matter what any body say.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  3. My experence with compontents that lack moving parts is that they either die within the first year or work almost forever.

    I have seen quite a lot 5 and 6 year old computers with their original sound cards working just fine.

    My own SB Live 5.1 OEM was purchased 4 years and 3 computers ago! I have two friends who bought the same card at the same time and theirs are still working as well.

    Then again I know someone who's SB Live 5.1 card died 7 months after they bought it (one month out of warantee).

    Like I said electronics without moving parts usually either go bad within the first year or last forever.
  4. Im using an old ISA card in my old 550 system from a pentium 100MHZ and it works just fine.
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