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As you noted: "So, now all we need is an ambidextrous version that's at least 30 grams lighter."

The weight is not a big deal to me but I am SOOOOOO tired of the right focused mouse!

10% of the population is left handed.

Manufacturer REVERSE your mold in the manufacturing process! ERG!

Make them special order so you can keep your inventory down.

I have yet to find an ambidextrous mouse as good as the Logitech MX Wireless Series.
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  1. lefty here

    System Spec's:
    Asus P4c800-E 3.2e @3.8ghz
    1gb corsair xms pro2-2-2-5 aiw 9800 pro
    audigy 2zs klipsch ultra's
    74gb raptor wd 2000jb
    pioneer 108 pioneer 120s
  2. Couple of points on the Logitech MX1000.

    1. According to this thread in microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware

    there is a problem with Win XP's implementation of the USB HID interface which limits the mouse scanning rate to 8ms compared with the 1ms of the MX1000

    2. I have returned 2 MX1000 mice as each one rocked slightly when placed on a flat surface. I am awaiting confirmation from Logitech that this is an anomaly before I re-purchase.


    Asus K8VSE DeLuxe, Athlon 64 3400+
    1gig RAM 2 x 160gig SATA h/d
  3. Another lefty here. Can anyone recommend a decent ambidextrous wireless (pref bluetooth)? I really like the features of teh LOgitech DiNova - esp. the media pad - but was dismayed to find out it's a Right-handed mouse.
  4. I do not see the left and right mouse buttons. What happened to them?
  5. I'm a lefty but i use my right hand
    is anyone else like that?

    System Spec's:
    3.2e @3.8ghz
    klipsch ultra's

    "After careful deliberation i have concluded that i'm an idot"
  6. You try getting the mouse warm and then flexing it into place? I have read a lot of people returning theirs for that.

    A much larger issue that was not discussed in the recent article was what I have been reading on Logitech's support forum about lift lag. Picking up the mouse and then returning it back to the surface creates a large delay where there is no readings and its quite dead for that time span. Massive amounts of people returning theirs because of this. The issue is for FPS people lifting their mouse to re-center it. that delay will throw you off.

    someone spent the time to make a vid of the problem, 2 vids, a mx 1000 and a mx 700 to compare. =mx700 =mx1000

    All I can say is YUCK! Too bad that was not "tested" in the review.

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  7. Quote:
    I really like the features of teh LOgitech DiNova - esp. the media pad

    Unfortunately the software bundled with it is so crap that it becomes almost useless.

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  8. So what would you recommend for a mouse/keyboard kit w/bluetooth?
  9. there really is only 2 choices, microsoft or logitech, goto a store and feel them and decide for yourself. its all preference, specialy with the keyboard.
    I like logitech's stuff mostly. And like their bluetooth headset with my T610 phone and axium Pocket PC.

    whats the fun in having other people decide for you? nothing wrong with buying something and not liking it and exchanging it hence what all the mx1k people are doing.
  10. Thanks for that. Do you know which bluetooth logitech set has a mouse that isn't right-handed?
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