ABIT SD7-533 and Windows XP (Help!)

Help please!

I've just purchased an ABIT mainboard, SD7-533. Its on-board sound chip C-Media 8738 PCI Audio does not function normally.

I am using Windows XP. I have installed the SIS chipset driver and audio driver came with the mainboard. I have tried the latest drivers I download from ABIT and SIS websites.

The error is quite unique. After I install all the hardware and their drivers, there was no particular error message. And Device Manager didn't tell me any improper status of any device.

But the PC fails to play sound correctly. When it tries to play sound, like wave and midi, it can only give off short and quick repeating noises, or it gives no sound. My speakers and earphones are both fully test to be fine.

When it tries to play VCD, the same sound problem appears, and it causes serious delay of the movie.

After quite a few tests, I can guess it seems a problem of the sound card and the network card I use. Because before I installed the network card, the sound card worked well. The network card I use is quite common. It seems less possible to be the problem. And it works well after installation.

The following is a list of my devices.

CPU: Intel Pentium 1.6Ga
RAM: Kingmax DDR333
Video Card: Leadtek WinFast A170 DDR T --> AGP slot
Network Card: D-Link DFE-530TX --> PCI2 slot
HDD: WD 40G --> Primary IDE Master
CD-ROM: Geniune 52X --> Secondary IDE Master
FDD: None
Keyboard: Standard PS/2 Keyboard
Mouse: Logitech USB Wheel Mouse

All the above devices work properly after installation.

Has anyone the same experience? Or you know how to solve it? Please help me! T_T
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  1. Xenovah - if you want to cross post the same question in different forums, please indicate that at the top of your post so people don't waste time giving the same answer after it's already been given. Thank you.

    I answered you in the network forum.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. Thank you for your advice. :)
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