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mn 520 can't find mn 500 router

June 5, 2004 8:46:00 PM

Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)

i have a dell dimension with mn510 working properly and
the internet works fine(thanx mom). i tried to add my
brothers dell inspiron laptop to the network and i
always get the same results....install msbbn and set up
notebook adapter, enter network settings manually, but
when i get to the connecting part is where i have the
problem. setup recognized the wireless network, but when i
clicked 'next' after a moment a screen shows up saying
couldn't connect to base station. i have followed all of
the steps it gives and i know that everything there is

Another time i installed it, i changed the alternate
private ip address manually to the proper settings, but
when i open network utility, my desktop sees the laptop,
and the laptop sees 'other networking device' which
happens to be the router(it has the same ip address).
i've had both computers working before, but not for
months. basically, my problems only lie with ip addresses.
dhcp is enabled, but the laptop gets a public ip address
all the time.

the inspiron is running xp and im trying to connect to

i've set those up already. the first tab has obtain an ip
address automatically and obtain dns server address
automatically. the 'alternate configuration' tab is set
for automatic private ip address.

now, when i look at the connection status, on
the 'support' tab it says automatic private ip address
with ip 169.254.**.***, different at different times. on
my 8250 desktop it says 'assigned by dhcp' and is, which is correct.

i did read somewhere that connecting a laptop to a
workplace network might mess it up in some way, so you'd
have to use 'alternate config'. my brother did take his
computer to school and hooked it up there, but that was
months ago and it worked fine back then. all of a sudden,
it would not connect to my network. a little help?

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