USB 2.0 External Drive Enclosure Kits

Im planning to purchase one of these kits in order to use as a backup drive, bulk storage and moving large amount of data time by time(rarely). Im not planning to place anything other than HDD into the enclosure.

Only two models are available where I live. Both drives prices are the same; around ~100$

- Belkin USB 2.0 External Drive Enclosure Kit
- ADS USB 2.0 Drive Kit

I dont know which one to choose. I have read a couple of reviews but actually didnt helped much about my decision.

I want to hear comments about the kits from the people who has hands on experience with the kits, the owners.

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  1. One might perform a little better than the other. Basically you just pop a drive in and connect it to power and the PC. Those prices seem awefully high, are you in the U.S.?

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  2. No, Im not. I do live on the otherside of the planet. We are also paying extras for the shipping, taxes and the resellers!!!

    Im not only wondering the little performance between them, but the reliability may differ...

    Simply both of them will do my job satisfactory(I guess) but if one of them will do the job better, faster and do it for a looong time then I want to choose that one...
  3. I can buy extruded aluminum USB2 hare drive cases for...$28 in lots of 10.

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  4. ....and you want to ship one of them to me :)

    Thanks a lot, you are very kind :)

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  5. I'd LOVE to ship you one, if only you found me another 9 buyers!

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  6. Your offer is very nice, thx. I'll probably have customs problem with 10 of the same device. Anyway, thanks a lot...

    I guess nobody uses this external kits, since no replies!
    I wonder to whom they are selling these parts...
  7. If you front me the money, I'll keep one, give you one, and sell the rest on eBay to get your money back.

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  8. crash, do you have pics of these outta curiosity?
  9. Yes, I do. They are in the ad the distributor sent me. If you would like me to cut a pic and send it, PM me an email addy.

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  10. I use USB 2.0 harddrve/cd-rom enclosure. I was carefull to get one that supported large (250 GB+) hard drives.

    Unfortunatley I find that there are no DOS USB drivers that I can use to get it to work with Norton Ghost!!!!

    It also freezes my PC when I transfer more than 6 GB at a time unless I first disconnect all my other USB devices!

    When I disconnect my other USB devices (all connected to the same hub) it works perfectly. It is also very fast.

    I have no problems at all (other than the no DOS thing) when I use it to enclose my DVD+RW.

    So I would definately try to read some reviews or talk to someone who is using these specific drives before purchasing.

    Find out 1) What is the largest drive supported, 2) Are their DOS drivers compatiable with your favorate disk imaging utility, 3) are their compatabliity problems with other usb devices.

    Oh and one cool trick. In additon to the $46 USB 2.0 enclosue I also previously purchased three $12 plastic 5.25 inch hard drive enclosures with removeable trays.

    I mount one of them in the USB enclosure. Which means that I can shut off my PC and pull my largest hard drive out of my PC and pop it in the USB 2 enclousure without any screws :).

    I also have two other hard drives in removeable trays which that I swap in and out of the enclosure.
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